About Us


2metre was created in 2020 in Fredericton, NB, Canada, as a COVID response initiative by 3D Planeta and a local social entrepreneur.  We wanted to help businesses address the challenges of physical distancing and maintaining safety for customers, while meeting contact tracking and reporting requirements mandated by public authorities.

The purpose behind 2metre is simple: help businesses manage through the pandemic and beyond.  We are entrepreneurs ourselves - solving problems with technology is our thing. 


At the early days of COVID-19, we asked ourselves "What can we do to help?  We can't build masks or ventilators, but we can build technology."  That's how 2metre was created.  Our team stepped up to the cause.  We partnered with a local social entrepreneur and enlisted some help from graduates and students from New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) as part of an internship program we developed with them.

Our mission is to provide simple and useful tools for businesses to help them in this pandemic, in a safe and secure manner.  We are proud of what our team has built and hope you find value in what we offer.

Peter Corbyn


Smart community consultant and entrepreneur

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Norm Couturier

CEO 3D Planeta

Entrepreneur and innovator

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Tom Batty

COO 3D Planeta

40-year Canadian Army veteran

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Leadership Team


The 2metre team is made up of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, technologists, creators and post-secondary students from New Brunswick on Canada’s East Coast.