Customer Check In App

Contact tracing for customers is accessible on the app. Our app keeps the customers in the loop of everything that is going on when it comes to the number of people inside a business with the app in operation. As long as the app is on, it is tracing every individual inside and outside in line waiting to get in the business. The customer knows when it is their turn to enter the store or company as well. The app is designed according to a waitlist at a restaurant. Many restaurants use tracking devices for their tables when one comes available. An alert goes off, and the customer goes to the front and follows the hostess to the table. The app works in the same manner; only it is in more detail for both the business owner and the customer. The screen shows how many are waiting, how many are inside, and the approximate wait time.

Like ordering ahead or reserving a table, the customer can check themselves in without going to the door and monitoring the waitlist while waiting. The app has a message center to contact those in charge of letting people in and out of the building. Those who are seniors or need assistance can also get the help they need and let the person at the checkpoint know as they use the customer check in app. Those without the customer check in app can also open a text message conversation. This is sufficient to get them their spot in line without any problems. It is also another option we at 2metre have helped make customers' lives better during the wait. It lets them know what number in line they are and the wait time along with how many people are already waiting. The text messages allow the customer to respond if they wish to proceed in waiting or not.

How the Customer check In App Helps the Consumers