Customer Logging App

Those in charge of people going in and out of the businesses also need to record everything. The customer logging app saves time, trouble, and everyone's safety by keeping these records. It keeps those who keep records from having to walk up to the people and count everyone individually. The reason behind the customer logging app is to keep track of people for safety purposes in case someone may have COVID-19. Most businesses take the temperature or have a form for everyone to fill out. This app keeps track of all those entering the store as they check in from their phone through the app or text message. So what about the people who do not own smartphones? That is not a problem with the customer logging app. It can still keep track of them as they enter the store, and they can be notified by calling their name the old fashion way.

Safe customer contact logging is the new wave of combating COVID-19. The way to keep this virus under control is to know who has it when before they get in the business. Once they get inside the company, they can spread it by touching anything in the store or place. Those who enter the business are stored inside the app as both the business and the customer have records of the day and time they went to that specific business. The count is to keep track, so no violations occur. With all the information, the customer can keep track of the business at the day and time they were there, and vise versa. Communication is entirely open for both parties, and the safe customer contact logging has done its part in keeping everyone at a safe distance through the entire process. Everyone is working diligently in controlling the spread of the virus down, and it is a team effort.

More Ways to Social Distance with Customer Logging App