Help Keep Customers And Employees Safe

How To Help Keep Customers And Employees Safe During the Pandemic

There are a few ways on how to meet contact tracing requirements implemented by the CDC and state guidelines. Every state has a different set of rules, and it is up to the business owners to follow those rules to help keep customers and employees safe. Local and state public health officials are everywhere, making sure these rules are followed. Since there is no way to tell if a person is a carrier of the virus, the last mandate to end will be the six-foot rule. 2metre App has provided the sources and left a training video within the app on how to use the app to the full capacity. Contact tracing has been simplified, and most of the problems have been eliminated by 85 percent when it comes to businesses keeping their customers. Every state has its phases, and the app can be adjusted to oblige.

The bottom line is to help keep customers and employees safe. Many people are growing weary of this new trend as we all want to get back to our usual way of life. We find that giving businesses and consumers the tools to help them adjust makes it easier to cope with everything going on with COVID-19. To keep the world going strong, we need to stay on course. With today's technology, we have found a way to keep everyone safe and still stay in business. It may not be the full capacity everyone would like to see, but here at 2metre, we have delivered something to make it safer under these circumstances.