Physical Distancing App For Work

With the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, everyone has been thrown into a scare, and the government mandates have been pushed to follow according to each state in question according to the number of cases reported. 2metre has created a physical distancing app for work to help businesses monitor the social distancing mandates to keep them in check with the government. Billions of people's lives have been affected as we face the new norm for the time being. Social distancing has been the number one priority across the board to drop the numbers of cases in every state. It is tough to keep up with businesses with a lot of customers. This new app from 2metre has made business owners' lives better as they can monitor those inside and outside the businesses. We are excited to help society and businesses as we do our part with this new physical distancing app for work.

Social distancing for work place is requested in every state. The mandate states everyone must remain no less than six feet apart from one another to stop the spread of COVID-19. This has shaken the world up to its core as we have never dealt with anything like this before. We all know that people were never meant to live like this, but everyone has to do their part to end this pandemic. We are doing our part by producing this app that works on all smartphones, iPhones, and Androids, and business owners and their customers find it more efficient to handle business. It also allows the customers to know how long of a wait they have, and they can make an educated decision as to what they wish to do. Everyone gets tracked at the door with the app, and they can sign in for their spot as they wait patiently.

How Physical Distancing App For Work Can Help Businesses and Society