2metre moves your customers and clients to the front of the line

Today’s customer service calls for safety - we have answered the call.

If you’re like me, you’ve started to embrace our new normal and have returned to running errands to stores for groceries, home repairs and reno supplies, clothes and other items. Or maybe you’re grabbing a seat at your favourite restaurant; visiting health providers such as dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, therapists or your family doctor; and accessing government services.

Regardless of where you go, we are all familiar with what greets us at the door – an employee with a counter. Some stores are employing cool digital counters or apps while many analog, or clicker counters from years gone by still seem to be playing an important role. Larger locations, with multiple points of entry and exit, rely upon a number of employees armed with counters, cell phones, walkie-talkies or other means to manage customer numbers. As an additional burden, province specific contact tracing requirements are met by staff, armed with clipboards, notebooks,or pen and paper – all in an attempt to record contact information. Although this entire process seems to be awkward, an underutilization of human resources, and somewhat antiquated, the requirement to control entry into common areas isn’t likely to change until a vaccine is found.

Enter 2metre. . . a mobile app that helps businesses address the challenges of maintaining physical distancing, contact tracing and government-mandated reporting requirements – all while ensuring customers feel safe, secure and well-served. That’s a big order for small, medium and large businesses, which is why we created 2metre.

The 2metre app:

  • Meets regulatory contact tracing requirements mandated by provincial and state health authorities.

  • Reduces customer lineups by up to 85%, promoting physical distancing outside your business for increased customer safety.

  • Reduces stress for staff and customers.

  • Logs customer contact information upon entry, for regulatory purposes.

  • Significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain regulatory tracing and reporting requirements.

  • Tracks in real-time the number of customers inside and outside your business at any time, from anywhere, to help manage your capacity.

  • Place customers on a waitlist when you are at capacity, so they can wait safely where they want.

  • Generates customer contact reports on demand.

  • Engage customers while they wait, via text messaging, which reduces the number of customers abandoning lineups.

  • Easy-to-use mobile app for staff runs on iOS and Android – use any phone and/or tablet – no other hardware required.

Returning to the places and things we love is a strong desire for the vast majority of Canadians. 2metre is a must-have addition to the COVID-19 toolbox to help us succeed and enjoy the good things in life in our new normal.

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