Cultivate a close relationship with customers by keeping our distance

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Pylons, tape, and stickers on the ground don’t cut it in heatwaves and thunderstorms

Social distancing

Atlantic Canadians are global leaders in social distancing. I say that half jokingly because of course, we’re good at it because we don’t have the population density of larger centres. Without question, our demographics have served us well during COVID-19.

But I get dead serious when I consider complacency about this pandemic could cost us. More and more, I see people dropping their guard and companies relaxing their rules – both inside and outside public places. Each and every day, politicians and public health officials stress the importance of remaining vigilant but as the days and months pass, complacency is becoming harder to overcome.

Business owners and managers have an essential role to play in keeping customers safe both inside and outside their premises. This important responsibility does not commence at the entrance to the business, but it extends into the parking lots, waiting areas and adjacent public spaces. Helping customers maintain physical distancing before entering a business is a moral responsibility that owners and managers should not shirk.

Take a minute to think about late fall and winter weather, flu and cold season and don’t forget the annual Christmas shopping mayhem! Add to that the population density of major Canadian and U.S. cities. Try to imagine how the duct-taped two metre walkway markers are going to work under centimetres of snow and how cold, stressed, angry consumers are going to act when they are forced to stand in line outside for an extended period. Now, think of this situation happening along Yonge Street in Toronto, Robson Street in Vancouver or 5th Avenue in New York. Not a pretty sight. But is it any worse than the small strip mall where the parking lot is jammed and multiple businesses operate in a confined space? No, it isn’t.

Norm Couturier, Peter Corbyn and I designed 2metre to address this exact situation. Business owners and managers can help keep their customers safe by allowing them to wait where they want, while ensuring that they are updated on their position in the line, wait time and any other pertinent information. For those of you who are mandated to log customers contact information, 2metre does that as well.

Check out 2metre at A simple, inexpensive mobile app that will help you keep customers safe both inside and outside!

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