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Introducing 2metre

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Safe face-to-face interactions are at hand via new community-led, purpose-driven initiative

3D Planeta co-founders Tom Batty and Norm Couturier are proud to partner with smart community consultant and entrepreneur Peter Corbyn to create 2metre, a new purpose-led initiative to help individuals and organizations maintain a healthy two-metre distance for face-to-face interactions in public.

2metre is a mobile app and messaging service that will enable retail businesses, professional offices and government service centres to inform customers and clients when it is safe for them to enter. It will reduce customer line-ups by letting people wait where they want until it is their turn.

The idea began as a Facebook post, that grew into a conversation and now, a few weeks later 2metre is in production mode.

Rounding out the team are New Brunswick-based technologists, creators, entrepreneurs and post-secondary students.

Here’s how 2metre will work.

Customers with mobile devices will be able to check themselves into a location and join the waitlist. Then 2metre will notify them either via the app or a text message when it is their turn to enter.

For customers without mobile devices, they can be checked-in by an employee and then wait outside for a hand signal from staff that it is now safe for them to enter.

The 2metre team is doing this because we want to help. We do that by quickly developing technology solutions that address real challenges for our communities.

For more information or to sign-up to use 2metre visit our website.

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