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Meet the trio of businesses leading the way with 2metre’s new contact tracking app

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

2metre's Pathfinder partners help forge the way ahead.

A busy bar in one of Canada’s busiest cities. A consumer/retail store serving a large customer base. A multi-disciplinary health care centre treating patients of all ages.

Thank you to our “pathfinder” pilot customers, Fred’s Bar & Grill, Fredericton Direct Charge Co-Op, and Foundation Health Centre for helping roll out 2metre successfully.

2metre is a mobile app that helps businesses address the challenges of physical distancing and maintaining safety for customers, while meeting contact tracking and reporting requirements mandated by public authorities.

Fred’s Bar & Grill in Mississauga, Ontario is a local hot spot that cares about their customer safety. Prior to the implementation of 2metre, their major issue was managing lineups outside of their business and promoting physical distancing. They are now able to disperse their lineups from outside of their location, from neighbouring businesses, and off of the parking lot and sidewalks, as per city bylaws. The provincial government of Ontario has mandated contact tracing requirements and Fred’s can now generate these reports on demand, in the format required by the Ontario provincial government.

Foundation Health Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick is a multi-disciplinary health care centre, servicing a diverse client base. Similar to Fred’s, this location deals with a number of unique physical distancing issues which 2metre will help address. Putting patients into a digital waitlist will result in physical distancing being achieved, while reducing customer and staff stress. In addition, the New Brunswick mandated contact tracing reports are generated on demand, as per the recent regulation.

Fredericton Direct Charge Co-Op is a large consumer/retail mainstay in Atlantic Canada. With 2metre, they will provide a professional, safe, and secure approach to physical distancing, both inside and outside the store. Co-Op’s large client base includes a number of customers who experience difficulties employing a mobile device. 2metre is extremely user friendly, allowing those who are challenged by technology to feel comfortable. Customers, without a mobile device, just need to check-in at the door for further instruction.

2metre will significantly reduce the time and effort required to maintain provincial regulatory tracing and reporting requirements. From a simple digital counter to auto-generated PDF reports, time and effort can be focused on normal business operations, while still complying with the new provincial contact tracing regulation. More importantly, customer safety and physical distancing is greatly improved.

You can get your business up and running with 2metre in minutes, with minimal training required. It is easy to subscribe online. There is no long-term commitment.

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